Welcome to The Marina at Edisto Beach!

We are dedicated to ensuring a safe and enjoyable experience for all boaters who visit our marina.

Here is some essential information to help you make the most of your time on the water:

  1. Marina Facilities:
    Our marina offers a range of facilities to accommodate your boating needs. We have modern floating docks equipped with power and water hookups, ensuring convenience and comfort during your stay. Fueling stations are conveniently located for easy access, allowing you to refuel and continue your adventure without delay. Additionally, we provide clean and restroom and shower facilities for your convenience.
  2. Docking Reservations:
    To secure your spot at our marina, we recommend making docking reservations in advance. You can contact our marina office or make reservations through our online booking system. Our friendly staff will assist you in selecting the appropriate dock space for your vessel and ensuring a smooth check-in process upon arrival.
  3. Boating Services:
    At The Marina at Edisto Beach, we offer a range of boating services to enhance your experience. Our skilled and professional staff can assist with boat launching and retrieval, vessel maintenance and repairs, as well as haul-out and storage services. If you require any specialized services or have specific boating needs, feel free to reach out to our team, and we’ll be happy to assist you.
  4. Safety Guidelines:
    Safety is of paramount importance to us. We encourage all boaters to familiarize themselves with the safety guidelines and regulations in place at our marina and in the surrounding waters. Ensure that you have the necessary safety equipment on board, including life jackets, fire extinguishers, and distress signals. Familiarize yourself with navigational charts, local rules, and any restricted areas to ensure a safe and enjoyable boating experience.
  5. Weather and Tides:
    Stay informed about weather conditions and tidal changes before setting out on your boating excursion. Check local weather forecasts and consult tide charts to plan your activities accordingly. Sudden changes in weather or strong tidal currents can affect boating conditions, so it’s important to stay updated and exercise caution while on the water.
  6. Local Navigation and Points of Interest:
    Explore the waters surrounding Edisto Beach and discover its hidden gems. Familiarize yourself with local navigation markers, channels, and any restricted areas to navigate safely. Our marina staff can provide you with information on popular boating routes, fishing spots, and points of interest in the area, ensuring that you have an unforgettable boating experience.
  7. Boating Regulations:
    Complying with boating regulations is essential to ensure the safety of all boaters and protect the marine environment. Familiarize yourself with local boating laws, speed limits, and wildlife protection guidelines. Be mindful of sensitive areas such as seagrass beds and nesting grounds for marine wildlife, and practice responsible boating practices to preserve the natural beauty of our coastal ecosystem.

Marina Location

How To Get Here

If you are arriving by car, you can reach The Marina at Edisto Beach by following the directions to Edisto Island. Once on the island, continue to 3702 Dockside Road, where you will find our marina facilities.

For boaters seeking to reach our marina by water, navigate to the coordinates 32.49392719219911, -80.33978844984239 and follow the marked channel leading to The Marina at Edisto Beach.

Navigate with confidence!

Explore the NOAA nautical chart for The Marina at Edisto Beach. Plan your boating adventure today.

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